About Us

      24by7 Courier

      The name aptly answers by itself:

      • 24: We are open 24 hours in a day 
      • 7: We are open all the seven days 
      •  Courier: We are a Courier Service providers


      • Circle: Indicates we are “Open” all the “Seven” days
      • Weekdays: The circle is composed of “Days in the Week”


      • To provide round the clock reliable, speedy and economical courier services to our clients 
      • To use technology and disrupt the traditional,age old courier model, by effectively and efficiently streamlining the end-to-end logistic operations.


      • Ship Anytime. Ship Anywhere.
      • To fill the existing void of a reliable 24by7 courier company 


      • Ship anytime of the day/night 
      • Save Money for our client 
      • Provide Business Analytics to our trusted clients

      What we want to be remembered as:

    • The First Logistics company accepts and delivers Shipments 24by7.
    • The First Logistics company that saves up to 20% for individuals and business clients.
    • The First Logistics company that shows in the Savings in easy to understand.
    • Management Team

      Madhavi Lothumalla: || President
      As a President of the company, she handles day to day operations, maintains HR, integrates with Analytics and ensures that the company runs on simple principles of honesty and transparency by assuring the clients that we are a trusted company to rely on their shipping logistics.
      Married to Ravi Lothumalla, she has three kids- Sahana, Rachana and Hrudhai

      Ravi Lothumalla: || Director of Client Relations
      Obsessed to save money for the trusted clients, equipped with excellent interpersonal skills, Ravi ensures that the clients are completely satisfied. His core strength is to “Sales and Marketing” the clients by showing Quality, Trust and Reliability. He is available 24/7 to all his clients

      • Inspired by: Father
      • Learnt Patience from: Mother
      • Supported by: Wife
      • Lucky to have: Three Kids

      Sai Kiran Chitti: || Director of Operations: INDIA
      Client network, build trust and ensure clients get maximum benefits with our technology and logistics

      Vamshi Malgan : || Director of Operations: UK
      Establish client network in UK, Scotland, New South Wales and European countries

    the journey so for

    • tx

      Nov-01-2016: Opened Office in Plano,

      (3rd office location in Plano)
    • signed

      September-01-2016: 100th client

    • Texas

      August-01-2016: 50th client signed in

    • July-01-2016: First Client in Missouri

      (2nd office location in Irving)
    • June-01-2016: Contract Established

    • Nov-03-2015: Company was formed

      Head Quarters in Frisco, TX

    Our Team

    • Ravi Lothumalla

      Director of Client Relations
    • Madhavi Lothumalla

    • Satish Talreja

      Director of Operations

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